Kerlink iFemtoCell Indoor Ethernet Gateway


Key Features:

  • Carrier grade, robust, modular and scalable indoor LoRaWAN Gateway
  • Low Power consumption and Wide Area coverage (15+km in semi-urban area and 2km in urban area)
  • High capacity and reliability, for deep indoor bidirectional communications handling high volumes of end-points and messages.
  • Light infrastructure, easy to install and fast to configure.
  • High interference resistance with built-in band bass filters for better data transmission and high availability.
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Kerlink iFemtoCell

The Wirnet iFemtoCell is a smart indoor LoRaWAN gateway for your smart IoT network.Based on LoRa® technology, this gateway is perfectly designed for indoor public network extension or for ad-hoc indoor coverage. It offers multiple options for back-haul including Ethernet, WiFi or WWAN.Used as a hub to connect sensors, it can power various applications including asset monitoring, energy consumption control, security enforcement or any other operation-critical data collection.This LoRaWAN gateway leverages the same successful LoRa® RF technical design as its carrier-grade predecessor, the Wirnet Station, and offers high performance for very deep indoor coverage in demanding environments (basement, underground, parking, elevators shafts) to connect energy meters, parking sensors or other sensor needs.This long-range and low-power gateway offers 49 LoRa® demodulators over 9 channels.Kerlink iFemtoCell spec sheet


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